Date Description
17.12.2013 Data compression in the brain - Optical Imaging Group reports in Cerebral Cortex, RUB press release
11.10.2013 Know How?! Techniknacht Ruhr: The robotics lab will offer some demonstrations at the "Robotermeile". At 19:30 a live stream will be shown in the WDR Lokalzeit. Video
03.10.2013 Maus-TürÖffner-Tag: Open Day in the robotics lab (and the Faculty of Physics).
25.09.2013 Brain Day, SFB 874: Talks and presentations by several INI groups.
05.08.2013 IJCNN 2013: "The German Traffic Sign Detection Benchmark" competition by the RTCV group (Information)
22.07.2013 Neuer DFG Forschungsschwerpunkt SPP-1665. Optical Imaging Group mit Projekt beteiligt. Deutschlandweit werden 12 Studien mit 8 Millionen € gefördert – mehr infos, RUB press release
16.07.2013 Eva Nowak's poster "Direction-dependent carry-over coarticulation in joint angles" won the poster award in the category "Variability and Redundancy in Motor Control" at the Conference on Progress in Motor Control IX
30.04.2013 Real-time computer vision group publishes in automotive magazine Parken Aktuell: "Kamerabasierte Klassifizierung von Parkplatzbelegungen"
24.04.2013 Brain Cafe, SFB-874, Public talk by Dirk Jancke: "Das Nicht-Sichtbare Sichtbar machen - Gehirnaktivität und visuelle Wahrnehmung"
21.03.2013 Tag der offenen Tür 2013: Open day at the RUB
18.02.2013 IGSN-Symposium " How experience shapes perceptions: psychophysics, physiology and models" hosted by Hubert Dinse
08. - 12.10.12 Kunst der Bewegung: The INI offers a project about vision and motion at the project week "In unbekannte Welten schauen" organized by the Faculty of Physics for middle-school girls.
03.10.2012 Maus-TürÖffner-Tag: Open Day in the robotics lab (and the Faculty of Physics). Photos
13.09.2012 BO.Ing 2012: The Autonomous Robotics group hold two workshops for highschool pupils about the work in the robotics lab at the Bochumer Ingenieurforum 2012. Photos
02.07.2012 The Optical Imaging Lab organizes an IGSN Symposium on "Decoding visual content and perception from neuronal population activity in visual cortex: VSDI, fMRI and computational modelling"
26.04.2012 Girls' Day 2012: In the project "Robotik erleben" the girls learned to programm small robots and got an impression of related work at the INI. Photos!
02. - 05.04.12   The Medical Image Processing group participates in the educational program "In unbekannte Welten schauen" offered by the faculty of physics for middle-school pupils
29.03.2012      Tag der offenen Tür 2012: Open day at the RUB