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Optimization of Adaptive Systems - Theory of Machine Learning

The adaptive systems workgroup is concerned with the design and analysis of biologically-inspired, adaptive information processing systems. We are interested in systems that improve over time through learning, self-adaptation, and evolution. Our systems improve autonomously based on data, in contrast to manual instruction or programming.
Currently we are working on

  • learning in "deep", hierarchical networks
  • fast training and model selection for support vector machines
  • development of new evolutionary search algorithms and their analysis
  • open source implementation of a large number of machine learning algorithms

We offer theoretical and practical advice in computational intelligence to other research groups and industrial partners.

Example: The animation on the right depicts a sequence of support vector machine hypotheses for a two-class classification problem.


Please see our complete list of publications here.

Software: Shark

We provide and maintain a fast, modular C++ library for the design and optimization of adaptive systems. It features methods for nonlinear optimization, in particular single- and multi-objective evolutionary algorithms and unconstraint gradient-based algorithms, as well as machine learning methods including various types of neural networks and kernel-based algorithms such as SVMs. The Shark library works under SunOS/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Shark can be downloaded from The official Shark-Project Site at the SourceForge open source development and download repository. Please also see the pre-release version of Shark 3 here (we advocate starting directly with Shark 3, as Shark 2 support will fade out in the future).

Also see Christian's software page at DIKU  for additional software related to Shark.

Group Members

Former Members

  • Christian Igel
  • Busse, Anja M.
  • Chalimourda, Athanassia "Nancy"
  • Dietrich, Axel W.
  • Friedrichs, Frauke
  • Gayko, Jens
  • Heidrich-Meisner, Verena
  • Hüsken, Michael
  • Jin, Yaochu
  • Kreutz, Martin
  • Markovnikov, Valentin
  • Meyer, Jennifer
  • Olhofer, Markus
  • Pötter, Clemens
  • Ronnewinkel, Christopher
  • Roth, Stefan
  • Sendhoff, Bernhard
  • Samanpour, Ali Reza
  • Stagge, Peter
  • Toussaint, Marc
  • Vogel, Andrea
  • Voß, Thomas
  • Wan, Weishui