Research Groups

Theory of Neural Systems

(Prof. Dr. Laurenz Wiskott)

This group focuses on principles of self-organization in neural systems, mainly the visual system but also the hippocampus. It also has a side track in signal processing, e.g. blind source separation.

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Real-Time Optical Imaging Lab

(Dr. Dirk Jancke)

The group uses high-resolution voltage-sensitive dye optical imaging to study neuronal population dynamics in early visual brain areas.

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Optimization of adaptive systems

(to be announced)

This group is concerned with the design and analysis of biologically-inspired, adaptive information processing systems.

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Medical Image Processing

(Dr. Susanne Winter)

This group works on the developement of algorithms in the field of medical image processing. The focus is three-dimensional image registration for intraoperative navigation, especially ultrasound based navigation.

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